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Membership Benefits

IEC is a merit shop electrical and systems contractor’s trade association. Our core focus is to increase the professionalism of our industry. Through increased educational standards and training, we are dedicated to fostering a positive business climate for all IEC Contractor Members. We offer professional development opportunities, code and safety representation, emerging trends, and multiple conferences throughout the year. If you would like to ENERGIZE YOUR BUSINESS and help the industry grow, we encourage you to join our efforts to strengthen the electrical construction industry.


There are 51 independent chapters within the Independent Electrical Contractors Association. Each chapter works with local electrical and low voltage contractors to assist in the development of their businesses by networking with contractors just like you. We also provide a program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor with nearly 14,000 applicants throughout the nation. Our IEC National office offers opportunities for networking across the nation with forum groups and national meetings designed to help your business grow.

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• World-class, four-year Electrical Trainee Program to develop qualified and productive employees. The program is registered through the U.S. Department of Labor.

• Through the trainee program, up to 41 college credit hours are available through the American Council on Education.

• The website drives thousands of new workers into the electrical and systems contracting industry each year.

• Cutting-edge management education sessions at the IEC Convention & Expo and the IEC Business Summit.

• Learn with IEC webinars on the latest topics impacting electrical contracting businesses.


• Grow your business with IEC Convention & Expo which provides opportunities for 1,000s of industry professionals to share ideas, analyze industry trends, and attend management & industry-related programs. Receive recognition for excellent work through the IEC National Awards programs during the Convention.

• Engage at the IEC Policy Conference (Washington, D.C.) which provides members with a direct voice to law makers on legislative and regulatory issues that affect your business and the greater electrical industry.

• Enhance your strength at IEC Business Summit. Engage in educational programs for electrical contractors on business strategies and economic forecasts, and take part in setting the strategic direction of IEC.


• IEC forums meet across the U.S. and enable groups of noncompeting contractors to share best practices confidentially.

• Leadership development through participation on national committees allows you to provide input on IEC’s strategic plan.


• Learn about merging trends through IEC Insights magazine.

• Connect with the IEC online member directory which enables members and users to locate IEC contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers

• Receive electronic newsletters such as IECX and Capitol Connection that keep you current on industry- related issues.

• Members-only access to the IEC National Website provides valuable safety resource information and a variety of powerful tools to enhance your productivity and profitability.


• Safety Manual for all new members (a $150 value).

• IEC represents the industry in development of the National Electrical Code (NEC); National Electrical Safety Code; NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace, NEMA, UL, and various regional and national building code conferences.

Recognition of your Work

• Gain knowledge of the issues affecting the merit shop electrical contracting industry, like labor relations, workforce development, and more.

• Raise awareness of merit shop issues by participating in the Political Education Fund (PEF) and PRIDE PAC.

• Keep informed on legislative and regulatory topics that affect the merit shop industry.

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