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Electrical Contractors Trusted Resource

We're Building the Electrical Workforce of Today with Education and Networking.

What We Offer

Investing In Your Future

Access to 3,000+ IEC Electrical Contractors

Network with like-minded professionals and collaborate on job referrals, workforce development, permitting, inspections, best practices, and more.

Promote Your Events 

IEC National will assist you to ensure that your events are successfully promoted to the chapter network.

A Robust Network of 52 chapters

Collaborate with fellow chapters on issues to raise the profile of the electrical profession in our communities.

Leadership & Professional Development Opportunities

Chapters and their members serve on IEC National Committees and Advisory Groups.

IEC Affiliations

Enhance your organization's credibility and impact through affiliation with your IEC Chapter. Gain access to resources, trends, and important opportunities.

Recognition of your Work

Gain recognition for your amazing work through promotion in IEC National publications, at meetings and events, and through the IEC National Awards program.

Advance the Industry

IEC National provides chapters with the advocacy leadership and resources they need to have their voices heard by legislators at the local and national levels, including research and access to public policy plans. 

Become A Member

Discover the advantages of working with Northern Nevada IEC.

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Discover The Power Of IEC Membership

Energize Your Business With IEC

There are so many benefits you'll have access to with your membership to Northern Nevada IEC.

Core Values:

Each of our following 5 core values helps us fulfill our mission and put us FIRST in the trades.

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1. Interactive

Hands-on labs give you the ability to practice what you learned.

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2. Rapid-paced

You don't have to wait years to start a career. Start earning now!

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3. Smaller, longer classes

The right class size and durations mean more time for meaningful discussion and questions.

4. Fun

Learning should always be fun.

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5. Theory

Learn principles and concepts needed to apply to real world situations, understand the code, and become an expert.

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